Why do I need a Home Inspection?

  • A pre purchase home inspection helps to protect your interest by determining the condition of the house prior to purchase.
  • A pre-listing inspection is also a popular way of helping sellers to identify necessary repairs in advance which allows them to prepare their property and use the inspection as a selling tool.
  • A house represents the single most expensive purchase most people make. The average time spent viewing a home before deciding to buy is 17 minutes.
  • It’s like buying a used car and having it checked out by a mechanic to ensure it is in good condition before you buy. The same philosophy applies to a house purchase, only you are investing considerably more in your home.
  • If you are going to invest hundreds of thousands of dollars in your house, you need to enlist the services of a professional home inspector to inform you of any problems and solutions prior to making that purchase.
  • A buyer who decides on a home based on objective professional information, will be more realistic and, as a result, will be more satisfied with the property. The purchaser will understand the house may not be perfect and will be willing to go through with the purchase, fully realizing what repairs may be necessary.