Here is just a sampling of the feedback we get from our clients:


Thanks for a very professional report. I enjoyed watching you work, and will definitely recommend you to anyone looking for a home inspector.

Paul M.

I was very glad to have met with you during the inspection. You put my mind at ease, and I would definitely recommend you in the future.

Thank you again.

Norma L.

Thank you very much. You were very nice to work with (walk around with) and I would recommend you to anyone.

Rob S.

Thanks again for the thorough inspection you did – I have recommended you to everyone in my office in case they are needing to have an inspection done.

Holly C

That report format is a masterpiece! I really appreciate the links, for anyone doing most of it themselves it is invaluable. Thanks again for the information and good human approach. We have decided to go ahead with the purchase, despite the drawbacks, but I would say we are definitely doing it with as full a knowledge as is possible to get.

Barry M.